Company valuation with Valuatum Estimator

Our company valuation tool, Valuatum Estimator, provides you a reliable estimate for the value of your company. You can also get an extensive valuation report that can be used in negotiations or discussions to back up your views.


With our services you can generate a valuation report instantly and have the option to modify any financial estimates, including sales, EBIT, and investments. Valuatum Estimator is specifically tailored for small business valuation. Currently, the system can be used by entering your own financial data, an option to purchase financial data from an external provider will be included later. Valuatum Estimator provides following features:

  • Automatically generated estimates and company valuation reports
  • Easy-to-use tools for analyzing and modifying your own scenarios
  • Wide range of valuation methods
  • Comparisons with up to 200,000 industry peer companies

To learn more about the features of Valuatum Estimator, see Key Features.

To start using our valuation tool, click the button below for registration. After registration, you can use the tool for free for 7 days. If you want to continue using the tool after the free trial, you can buy access to the platform for the period of one week, month or a year at a time. You can find more information about the pricing after registration.


Why do you need company valuation?

  • To understand the value and potential of your business
  • To buy or sell a business
  • For partner investments or buyouts
  • When you plan changes in ownership
  • When you consider funding opportunities

No matter the reason, Estimator is the tool that provides you a reliable valuation. In case you want to see more, you can find a sample report generated by Estimator or test the system yourself from the links below. If you like the system, or want to explore it more, you can register for the 7 day free trial.

company valuation sample report

Company valuation tool free trial

If you wish to learn more about Valuatum Estimator and its features, have a look at the instruction video below. And would you like to learn more about company valuation, please visit our what is valuation page.