Our company valuation product is not out yet but it will be in a short time. In the mean time, we do recommend you to get acquainted with the web pages to get a feeling of our product. You should come back to this page in a couple of weeks. If you are interested in receiving a notification when the product has been launched send an email to  valprod2017@valuatum.fi

Company valuation will help you to make the right decisions in numerous situations:

  • Acquisitions
  • Successions
  • Issuing shares for financing
  • Cashing out a partner
  • Finding out what drives a business

Our solution gives you a reliable estimate for company valuation. In addition to the estimate, we also provide you with an extensive report which is useful in negotiations or discussions to back up your view. To get acquainted with the solution, please view the Sample Report, visit the Valuation Report page or click the button below to start the free trial.

With our experience we can help you to get an accurate company valuation. With our services you get a valuation report instantly and you have the option to modify the assumptions made in the valuation process. The tool is perfect for SME and small business valuation. Our solution contains the following features and much more:

  • Automatically generated valuation report
  • Wide range of valuation methods
  • Comparisons with 200,000 industry peers
  • Easy-to-use tools for making own scenarios

company valuation

The company valuation is a hard process which takes time to learn. We want you to know what our system can do for you thus we have created a information page. Have a look at it here. However, the best way to learn valuation is by doing it. Therefore, we do recommend you to try our product. It is free of charge for one week.